Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"I'm okay with all or any of it now"

I am a forty-five year young woman. I feel as young as I did at seventeen; although my body tells me differently. I do all the stupid stuff I should not do; I smoke, I drink, and I have an occasional roll in the sack with a guy I will never see again. Damn, I am sorry but I do not hurt anyone but myself so leave me alone about it. I know I should exercise regularly but I do not. I am working on losing forty pounds and it is not going all that well. I read about yoga but do not practice it yet. Nevertheless, I am beautiful, graceful, intelligent, wild, and passionate. This blog is about me, plain and simple; a place where I can learn to be me. A place where I can just let “emerge what is there in each moment, day by day, and I try not to constrain myself to any one thing in particular.”

The date today is June 23, 2009. I am happy. It’s late and I should be in bed, but I am tired of sleep-walking my way through life. As gratefully as I could muster I went to work at 7am and clung to the knowledge that it was only until 3pm. Got home in the sweltering heat and was encouraged that an old friend emailed me. A bit later was kind of intrigued by a car racing, artist and who sounds like might prove to be interesting conversationalist.

Life is good. I am happy to be me today. I am thankful that I will soon be enjoying a wonderful vacation on sunny beaches.


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