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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"History is a gallery of pictures in which there are few originals and many copies." Alexis de Tocqueville

August 26, 2009

Well I now have 2 blogs running! The other one is more "official" and more of what I want to be doing career wise. Here is the link
This is the art gallery at my alma mater Truman State University.

It was really great being able to do this, it is giving me the chance to talk about what I really enjoy, art! Maybe it will help me decide about school next fall. Right now I am still really up in the air about it, but I am beginning to have some ideas of what I may end up doing my dissertation on. :o) I will have to start doing some research and see what it turns up.

Things otherwise are going ok. The second job is taking its toll on me but I kinda like it. I have an interview tomorrow for a factory job, which I am not real keen about, but the money is great and it will only be for the next nine months or so. It will help pay the student loans and I can save some for when I decide what I am going to do.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

It is what it is...

Just when life seemed to be getting somewhat more managable. My daughter has been having problems with her teeth for a few months so we went to the dentist and were told all was well. Then Saturday her mouth started hurting really bad and seemed like she had some sort of sore. I just figured she busted it or burned it on something but it just kept getting worse. Today she came home crying, so we went to the doctor and then to a different dentist. She has a mess going on and its going to cost a fortune even with the insurance. Just what I need another bill!!! Oh well I guess if I get offered the job at the factory I will take it and dump one of the other jobs. (The money is too good to pass up even if I dont end up liking it. It is only a year.)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beatae memoriae

I love my new job. It is fun, hard work, and lots of people to talk to. But tonight it makes me think of the little one I miss so much. Watching all the parents and grandparents buying school clothes and school supplies makes me miss her all the more. I try so hard to put it in the locked portion of my heart but sometimes it bubbles up to the surface and threatens to spill over. I can not let that happen. Allowing such feelings would bring me into such a state that I do not know if I would recover this time. The last time recovery was a necessity, my children needed me. This time not so much. So I must keep it locked away. Someday she will know. Someday she will read these thoughts and understand the tears which flow inside my heart.

I miss you, I love you, and there is not a day that goes by without some thought of you. Enjoy your new school year, learn all you can and stay innocent.

Grandma Shell...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get."

So I have no idea why I was feeling so weird about last Sunday. I did find out there are no feelings left inside for him. :o) It is kinda weird but I like it. Still can make him do a double take though! That was awesome!!!!

Becky looked gorgeous and all grown up and Anthony is all grown up as well. Weird how kids do that. It was good to see them, only wish we had been able to sit and catch up.

Well I start a new job on Saturday(#2) probably will be taking up most of my time, but I will keep trying to write. Oh and I am going to be doing the blog for my college art gallery. Should be interesting. Not sure what all that consists of right now but I will post a link here when I start it.