Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America

Sunday July 4, 2009

So in just three days I will be boarding a plane to Florida. Four hours later I will hit the asphalt of Jacksonville and hopefully within two hours my feet will hit the white sandy beach!!!!! Damn I am excited!! Oh the financial situation still sucks, but as my daughter is so fond of saying (even though I bitch at her every time) "What the Fuck!" I am going to be at the ocean and nothing is going to stop me from enjoying every single moment! I hope I meet lots and lots of new and interesting people.

Oh yeah, I probably will not be posting this blog while I am away. I will probably keep writing but not sure I will have access to a computer. The next few days are going to be pretty busy as well. I will be working as much as possible. UGH! Oh well it has to be done.

Ok time for fireworks. Hopefully we will get some good pictures.
And we did! It was really foggy so they were very interesting. Enjoy, pictures are courtesy of my daughter.


  1. hey bring the computer with you! You know I do just make sure you bring the power pack.

  2. Already have to carry way too much stuff! Besides not all that worried about it. :o) If nothing else Dale has a computer.