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Monday, September 7, 2009

"All that you see or seem, is but a dream within a dream." Edgar Allen Poe

So a bit of weirdness has crept into my life over the past few days. My sister asked if it was good, bad, or cautious but I have no idea. Not real sure I want to go into exactly what it is here, cause unfortunatley I dont know exactly who reads this. Although I only have 3 followers I know anyone can read it. So I will just say the beginning of the weirdness was somewhat irritating. I was not sure if the person who began it was trying to upset me or warn me about something. The more it went on the more I believed they were trying to warn me. Although there was nothing to warn me about. But some people, instead of finding out facts just take things at face value. So I explained to this person there was no truth to what they were telling me and I would find a way to prove that. Which I intend to do this week. Since that first conversation we have continued to talk. Very, very weird. A very nice person, but in talking to me they jeopardize the relationship they are in. So after three days of communicating and getting to know them, I told them they were jeopardizing their relationship and if they chose not to continue I would understand. I just felt very weird talking to them. At the same time the person I was talking with had many of the same interests I do, many of the same issues, etc. I liked them.

Oh well we shall see how that goes. Either they realize what can happen or they dont believe me.

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